CLickClack  March 2015

A new pattern crept into Zendala Dare #98 and I decided to call it Click-Clack.  As children we had this thing with rectangles that was threaded with sturdy ribbon and when the top one moved down it made a click-clack noise and this pattern reminded me of that (and also liquorice all sorts!).  I have looked to see if anyone has done this pattern but can't find a reference anywhere.

Here are the steps outs.  It is very simple and not very exciting on its own but works well with other tangles.

I just loved this template for the Zendala Dare and knew immediately that I would use Inapod as the main tangle.


I'm not sure if this is a new tangle or a variation on another one, but I like the way it can be transformed from straight to curvy

I think this has lots of possibilities by shading it in different ways.


  1. I like this tangle. It does have a lot of possibilities. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love this. I am going to go practice it straight away. I guess it's a bit like Florz with an inner aura. A bit. I do not know what constitutes a new tangle vs. a variation. I am getting the feeling no one really does, lol. Maybe it's not that important in the end. Thanks for sharing this one anyway.