Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Diva's Challenge #338 White on Black

I love white on black and I have a pad of 6 inch square Strathmore tiles which are great with gel pens.  I am looking forward to the new pens being available in the UK as a finer pen will be brilliant.

I'm enjoying drawing on Kraft paper again with gel pens and coloured  pencils

Have a great week and thanks for passing by

A late addition
I have just been experimenting with salt water etching on to copper.  Very simple, not toxic and easy to do.



  1. I love the use of space to draw attention to the patterning on the black tile. Lovely flowing patterns. The greeny blue looks great on the craft card. It's funny, I tend to stick with browns and burgundies on craft card. I can see I shall have to experiment more with colour.

    1. Thanks Margaret. I also tend to do brown orange and blues on tan but felt the need for a bit of bright colour. I always love your stories and your visits especially Chatsworth as we used to go a lot when we were children and took our son there too. As a child the malachite table and the painted violin were a source of wonderment. Dorset is a bit far for a quick day trip now.

  2. Very nice what you did with the copper and about the Diva's tile that is a gorgeous one, it looks so delicate and lovely.

  3. That Diva tile is soooooo very elegant!

  4. The black tile is wonderful and very delicate! Your tile on the Kraft paper is lovely and I like your pieces of copper, too!