Sunday, 7 May 2017

Diva's Challenge #314

I am rather behind on challenges and posting them.  Partly I think that at the moment I get focussed on working out the challenge rather than enjoying tangling per se. Secondly, with hubby having a second bout of surgery in 3 months and with all the hospital trips my focus has been rather dented . Thirdly, for some reason I can't add photos when I try to post on my iPad as there is no link to my photos which is very annoying. So I have to go upstairs and open up the computer - such a hardship!

So for the time being I am concentrating on just enjoying tangling as the mood takes me and the relaxation it provides without too much thought to the challenges.  I have lots of trials in my sketch book but not many finished tiles.

I appreciate all the lovely comments you make and they make me smile and happy.

Here is my tile for Lily Moon from SOPZ for difficult time she is going through.

This week's challenge - Scallamps - a fun tangle and eventually found a way to make it work in a tile.

Earth day challenge - other than doing this on a tan tile and using earth colours I am not sure how it relates to earth day but there was plenty on Zen and a little quirky.

Thanks for passing by.


  1. Beautiful tiles Val! Love all the colours in your Scallamps tile. Looks very delicate! And your Amanda Day tile looks like the Earth, waves, sea.... it's perfect! :)

  2. Very nice work, beautiful Scallamps and a wonderful earth day's tile!

  3. Yeah, that's the thing we don't want to do: getting upstairs to our PC (I have the same) :-)
    I love your tiles, especially the Earth Day one.