Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Diva's Challenge #273 and catch up.

Gosh!  it has been a roller-coaster here in the UK.  Woke up to a big shock on Friday morning to realize that Brexit is a reality.  Those of us that wished to remain now really need to understand why the majority wanted to leave.  Well we are where are and now we have to get on with and make the best of the new situation wherever it leads.

Here is the one I did two years ago for Bring your own beveridge.

I decided to tangle some more rather than draw it again.

I have been distracted by various things so have not tangled too much lately -  but a few weeks ago carried on with using Skye as a tangle and this is on A4

This is for last weeks 'challenge - What's black and white and red all over

At the weekend we stayed with my son and daughter-in-law and went to the lovely concert that her choir gave near Sloane Square.  Sunday took us to Kew Gardens where we went round the Hive.  It is linked to a nearby Beehive and the intensity of both the light and sound is controlled by the activity of the bees in their hive.  Quite amazing.

So the structure inspired these drawings based on hexagons.

Thanks for passing by and hopefully you have summer if your are in the northern hemisphere.  It seems to be bypassing us here in the UK!  Have a great week


  1. I love your design particularly in your remix tile. Beautiful! !

  2. You really brought your old tile to life with the additions that you made. Your other tiles are very nice as well.

  3. Wow! Your remix is absolutely stunning! I love the shading and additions you made to this piece. It is amazing! Loved your other tiles that you have shown us here. Your Skye piece is wonderful as well and the red, white and black tile is gorgeous as well. All around wonderful work!