Thursday, 12 November 2015

#243 Just a Tiny Taste, update on Stones & Ceremony and Zendala Dare #114

Life was just too busy so I missed last week.  We had fun though! We went to an encore screening of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbach from the National Theatre on the South Bank and later in the week live jazz to see Darius Brubeck.    Both were brilliant and then there was office, business appointments, broadband upgrade to high speed fibre x 2 and jewellery class in between.  Plus a visit to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra last night

I had so many lovely and interesting comments about Stones and Ceremony that I thought I would find some of the photos.  This is the solstice sunset 2001 from near Pentridge on the Cursus in Dorset where the sun is just dipping in the notch on the horizon.  There is only one spot that you can actually see this from.  It is hard to imagine how the whole Cursus was carved into the landscape to be able to see this sight.   It would have been slightly different a few thousand years ago.  I also took photos in 1998 but haven't located those.  In 35 years there have been very few times when the sky has been clear enough to see this.  It was such a huge privilege to be there with just a handful other people to share the moment with.

The next photos are the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis in 2003.  Again a very special place with only a small number of visitors on the day we were there.  You can wander freely through the stones

The views were awesome but sadly the sun didn't shine that day.  The isles of Lewis and Harris are amazing.  The colour of the sand, sea and sky on Harris was amazing - white sand & turquoise sea - not many people.  I expect that is because the weather is so unpredictable but so special when the sun shines.  Luskentyre Bay is the most amazing place!

Now to 'Just a Tiny Taste'.  These are great fun

I was in red and black and black mode for both these tiles.

I did finish the Zendala Dare last week and still have some catching up to do on these as well.

Thanks for passing by and your lovely comments.  Have a great week