Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Diva's challenge #238 Tri Bee and #239 Munchin

We have had a busy time recently.  We went to Manchester for business and a family occasion.  We managed to go and see the new extension at the Whitworth Art Gallery which has just re-opened and then to the Manchester City Art Gallery.  It is always good to take the opportunity of going to see what other artists do.  There are always ideas for tangles too!
My son and daughter-in-law also came and we managed to get tickets to see Verdi's Requiem at the Bridgewater Hall with the Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir Mark Elder.  Amazing performance - we were blown away.

I had a few experiments with Tri Bee.  I think this will be quite a useful tangle to use.

I love white on black tiles.  Munchin is a new tangle to me so I watched Molly's video and loved the idea of blacking out the white!

This was definitely very random and hard to decide which way up.

Thanks for passing by and also for your kind and encouraging comments.



  1. I like them both, however the first one is my favorite.

  2. Great tiles, yes Munchin is a very random sort of tangle. Love your orbs on the tips

  3. That little bit of gold certainly adds something to the finished piece, I love it. I'm going to have to get more adventurous with black tiles, I think.

  4. Great tile. Very intergalactic. Looks like something that would be circling the planet.

  5. Your words gave me a blast of nostalgia as I used to go to the Halle Orchestra concerts in my youth and they were always wonderful.
    Your TriBee tile is delicately divine...beautiful. And your white on black Munchins are gorgeous.
    Great work.

    1. Did you go when it was at the Free Trade Hall? We used to have our school speech day there. It is a hotel now behind the facade. The Bridgewater Hall is a great concert hall though. We are lucky here though as we are close to the Poole Lighthouse to go to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

  6. Love both of your tiles. The Tri-bee one is very well executed and the shading is wonderful. Your Munchin looks great with the random dots still dotting the tile like starlight. The golden orbs add a lot to it. Nice work!