Monday, 26 October 2015

Diva #241 Stones and Ceremony

We live not far from Stonehenge and Avebury as well as other standing stones. They have such an ancient history as well as the earth works that went with them.
The Dorset Cursus is also very close and if one is lucky enough on the winter solstice there is a point along the Cursus where you can see the sun dip behind a notch on the horizon. It is a marginally different place to the time it was constructed.
My personal view is I think the climate must have been more sunny as we have been to see it twice in over 30 years and there have not been many other times when the sky was clear enough to see it.  Otherwise why would a group of people put so much time and effort to build this Cursus over generations if the chance of seeing the spectacle and using it for ceremony was so occaisonal.  All these wonders really make us think of past ceremonies as awesome.

We have also been to the Isle of Lewis to see the Callanish Stones.  An amazing place.

So here is my ceromonial pathway of standing stones.

Thank you for passing by and for your feedback.


  1. I really, deeply love the simplicity of this design. It's gorgeous.

  2. Lovely in all it's simplicity!!! When my daughter still lived in UK we drove by Stonehenge and visited Avebury. Would love to go there again, but now she lives in Switzerland :-( and also :-) because there are other beautiful tings there.

  3. Simple and stunningly beautiful. I would love to see some of these stone structures in person some day too.

  4. Lovely simple pathway! How fun to live near enough to see the real stones!

  5. Very interesting read, Val, and simple but meaningful response to the challenge!

  6. It somewhat reminds me of Stonehedge!