Monday, 15 June 2015

Beads of Courage - Diva’s Challenge #221 and #222

We have been away on holiday to Scotland staying in Inverness. Lots of walks and very much away from it all. The Cairngorm area is a really wild place and one of the last few remnants of the Caledonian forest. RSPB are buying more areas to extend Abernethy forest to help regeneration of more forest to encourage the wildlife- red squirrels and capercaillie.

We walked from Glemore National Park up to the Ryvoan Pass and a short way along the path to Breamar. We pass this beautiful Green Lochan (Loanan Unaine). We came across it many years ago and it always draws you when we are near Aviemore.

Catching up now on the Beads of Courage for Artoo.

I had a few false starts this time and was not altogether happy with this one so I decided to do another one as well

Here is the black and white version with no shading.

This is my colourful version.

This new week's challenge is to use rainbow colours. Well I felt that the beads had to be colourful and last night (Sunday) I played around with the scan from my black and white one and Art Studio on the iPad and came up with these versions.

I hope to finish another rainbow tile soon.

Being away, catching up at work, jewellery classes and meetings in London this week let alone the garden is going to fill my time! Thank you everyone for the comments on my pseudo Mondrian style straight lines. It was fun to do and I guess well received.

Thanks for passing by and have a great week.


  1. What an unusual application of colour. Very original, but I have to say my favourite is the traditional colourful version.

  2. Love your art works. Great job !

  3. It's fascinating looking at how you have changed one particular piece and how different it can look. i too like the hand coloured one best, I suppose, although the blue and gold one is pretty exciting too.

  4. Beautiful work! The third tile is my favorite, I love your use of colours in this one.

  5. Beautiful photos of Scotland, Val - you've really captured it.
    I love your bead tiles - especially the first one that you weren't too sure about!! All of them very beautiful and some fantastic effects via your iPad too.

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's.
    I like your colourful tiles.

  7. It's truly amazing how adding shading and color just brings the work to life. Beautiful!

  8. Wonderful tiles with lovely colour variations! Especially I like the first one! Beautiful photos, too!