Thursday, 26 March 2015

Spiralstring #210 and Spring Greens

We've had a lovely few days in Cornwall.  We were lucky to have sunny weather despite being windy and a little cooler than normal.   Went went to see the fantastic magnolias and camelias at Caerhays Castle.  They have an amazing collection of magnolias especially the huge giant varieties.  It is the home of the national collection with over 600 magnolias.  Worth a visit now or next March if you happen to be in England.  The smaller flowering varieties are mostly still to come.  Also if you see varieties of camelias with the name x Williamsii then they were bred at Caerhays.  These are also amazing.

These two flowers are  larger than the span of my hand.

It is really hard from the photo to realise how big these trees are.  We were really lucky this time because they are a bit late this year with the colder than normal spring as well as no frosts so the flowers were all perfect.

I didn't manage St Patty's challenge last week so I combined the spiral with some spring greens!  lots of sparkly Sakura pens that don't show up in the scans and some water colour pencils.
Spiralmania!  I decided to practice drawing spirals in pencil and then thought that it might be fun to use it as my string.

Have a lovely week and thanks for passing by.

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  1. That garden must be awesome!!! The best one I have seen in UK was Wisley, but of course I only saw a few.
    I like your spirals and the last one is my favorite.