Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Zendala Moments #2 & #3

Thanks again to Annette for the Zendala templates.  These are always relaxing to do 😊

There have been changes to Blogger and some links and have been discontinued by Google and I have to own up to not spending any time discovering the new changes to tidy this blog up.

I have been spending more time with my silversmithing and less time on social media!

Zendala moments #2
Zendala moments #3

Enjoy the lovely spring and thanks for passing by.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Zendala Moments #1

A big thank you Annette for starting a Zendala group.  I always loved doing Erin's Zendala Dares!

I decided to print a large one on Kraft paper and for some reason it printed black where it should have been blank!  It gave both option of light on dark and dark on tan!

Thanks for passing by

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Welcombe back to Laura & Catch up

I'm so pleased to see Laura is back with her weekly challenge!

I can't believe it is so long since I posted a challenge. My husband had 2 more rounds of surgery in the spring for neck cancer.  He has recovered amazingly well and needs no more treatment now - just regular monitoring thank goodness.  I just have not done much tangling but I have enjoyed my silver jewellery making.  Classes start again this week and I am going to a new class this term - it is good to have a change.

We have just returned from a week in Scotland.  These are the amazing silver sands of Traigh near Morar and Mallaig on the west coast.  The ferry from Mallaig goes to Armadale on the southern part of the Isle of Skye.  Also a fantastic place to go.  The weather is always rather variable but the scenery is stunning.

I am glad Laura has started up again with the basics.  When I have ben tangling it has all been with tangles I know - no searching how to do them or learning new ones - this is always the most relaxing way!

#365 - Back to basics

#366 - 'Nzeppel - it went very crazy

#367 - Straight lines.  I converted some curvey tangles into straight lines.  Crescent moon looks very different.

Have a great week and thanks for passing by

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Diva's Challenge #345 Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings from Dorset (UK)
Thanks to Laura for her weekly challenges and for reaching 7 years!

I have missed quite a lot this year although I have still been doing some tangling.  Hubby has had various surgical procedures and has just finished 6 months of preventative chemotherapy.  All good news now as the last scan is clear and he is looking forward to this year without too many hospital trips! 
I have to own up it is quite a relief and looking back makes me realise how hard it has been.

I can feel a bit more travel coming up next year  - we are off soon to Tenerife for some luxury rest & recuperation.

I have a new kraft paper sketch book.  The paper is quite heavy and a bit darker than others I have used but I think it will be ok.
Happy Holiday Zendala

I did this one last week

Happy New Year

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Diva's Challenge #338 White on Black

I love white on black and I have a pad of 6 inch square Strathmore tiles which are great with gel pens.  I am looking forward to the new pens being available in the UK as a finer pen will be brilliant.

I'm enjoying drawing on Kraft paper again with gel pens and coloured  pencils

Have a great week and thanks for passing by

A late addition
I have just been experimenting with salt water etching on to copper.  Very simple, not toxic and easy to do.